February 22, 2009

Big Announcement! Our fresh new photo project is called Revival 120, and it's up and live now! Please stop by and say hello.

February 15, 2009

So concludes the Every Week project. Every Week was the first photography collaboration from Melinda Miller and Paul Worthington. It?s simply a photo from each of us, side by side, every week. Sometimes, something really cool happened by placing these two independent shots next to each other. We have our favorites, and I bet you do, too. We posted our work every Sunday for 52 consecutive weeks. We never missed a single deadline.

Here's the entire Every Week collection, in reverse order. As usual, Melinda's photos are on the left, Paul's are on the right.

Week 52
goodbye.jpg surveillance.jpg

Week 51
hope1.jpg access.jpg

Week 50
kurts_found_object.jpg img_2761.jpg

Week 49
blueberries.jpg covetousness.jpg

Week 48
rock_goblins.jpg diskette.jpg

Week 47
hoodie.jpg lock.JPG

Week 46
windchime.jpg beans.jpg

Week 45
a_merry_little.jpg emergencyexit.jpg

Week 44
golden_delicious.jpg icebowl-2.jpg

Week 43
joy_to_the_world.jpg snowgate01.jpg

Week 42
ice_feathers.jpg img_2544.JPG

Week 41
window.jpg img_2536.JPG

Week 40
wandering_poet.jpg kiwi.jpg

Week 39
alphabet.jpg dsc01070.jpg

Week 38
caged_light.jpg hoe-gloves.jpg

Week 37
frosted_poppy.jpg pineapple.jpg

Week 36
transaction.jpg stellar.jpg

Week 35
death_and_the_maiden.jpg night.jpg

Week 34
pumpkins.jpg nine-silver-bullets.jpg

Week 33
wooden_toad.jpg dsc01030.JPG

Week 32
book_return.jpg dsc00989-a.JPG

Week 31
milk_delivery.jpg img_2385.JPG

Week 30
red_planet.jpg dsc00950.JPG

Week 29
elk.jpg img_2299.JPG

Week 28
trick_pony.jpg img_2264.JPG

Week 27
photo_bulb.jpg dsc00921.JPG

Week 26
in_the_pink.jpg dsc00906.JPG

Week 25
western_toad.jpg img_2222.JPG

Week 24
river.jpg img_2212.JPG

Week 23
sunflower.jpg img_2195.JPG

Week 22
depression.jpg img_2183.JPG

Week 21
nuts_and_bolts.jpg july07.jpg

Week 20
the_works.jpg dsc00876.JPG

Week 19
wild_rose.jpg img_2137.JPG

Week 18
dive_in.jpg img_2028.JPG

Week 17
bella.jpg img_2012.JPG

Week 16
witness.jpg img_1964.JPG

Week 15
school_is_out.jpg dsc00863.JPG

Week 14
jumping_castle.jpg dsc00842.JPG

Week 13
mermaid.jpg img_1938.JPG

Week 12
circled_cycles.jpg img_1878.JPG

Week 11
bamboo.jpg way.jpg

Week 10
after_the_play.jpg img_1848.JPG

Week 9
direction1.jpg img_1842.JPG

Week 8
behind.jpg iron

Week 7
flower_girl.jpg shaker.jpg

Week 6
weathered_men.jpg stockpots

Week 5
tires.jpg kai.jpg

Week 4
leaf_1.jpg dsc00676.JPG

Week 3
butterfly_1.jpg sushi01.jpg

Week 2
self_1.jpg self02.jpg

Week 1
paul_and_his_camera.jpg Melinda